Aerowheels jante Tesla Model 3 18 pouces


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  • Améliorez l’autonomie de votre véhicule de 5%
  • Sauvegardez vos jantes des rayures et de la saleté
  • Design exclusivement conçu pour les Tesla
  • Aspect premium des Aerowheels
  • Nettoyage simplifié
  • Qualité de fabrication supérieure
  • Installation aisée et rapide
  • Vendu par ensemble de quatre

NOTE : L’accessoire est adapté pour la Tesla Model 3 jusqu’aux versions produites jusqu’en septembre 2023. Il n’est pas compatible avec la Model 3 Highland lancée en octobre 2023.

Aerowheels jante Tesla Model 3 18 pouces

Tired of the ordinary look of your Tesla’s aerowheels? Spice things up with this set of four premium Aerowheels hubcaps.

Removing these aerodynamic wonders means kissing goodbye to valuable extra miles of range and dealing with increased consumption.

One huge perk of the Aerowheels jante Tesla Model 3 18 pouces is that they shield your wheels from unsightly scuffs and dirt while sporting a look that’s tailored to your Tesla Model 3’s style.

They pair seamlessly with the 18-inch wheels of the Tesla Model 3.

Enjoliveur Tesla

This kit includes protective adhesive strips for your hubcaps, safeguarding the original rims of your Tesla.

By upgrading to these hubcaps, not only do you preserve your car’s range, you might even enhance it thanks to their custom-built aerodynamic design, which also amps up your wheels’ looks.

These Aerowheels are meticulously crafted for your Tesla, assuring a hassle-free clip-on installation without the need for any tools.

Benefits of the Aerowheels hubcaps for Tesla

These Aerowheels are engineered to protect your rims – because let’s face it, curb scrapes happen to the best of us.

By opting for these over traditional rims, you’re looking at a 5% savings in energy consumption.

Enjoy reduced road and air noise post-installation, not to mention the simplicity of cleaning these durable Aerowheels with your usual maintenance products.

Infuse a touch of sportiness into your Tesla’s design with these high-quality manufactured accessories.

Tesla Model 3 or Y rims without hubcaps

Feel like giving your Tesla a fresh look? These accessories are a breeze to switch out according to your whims.

The Tesla Inventaire store also offers a convenient storage bag for your original Aerowheels here.

Choose from various Aero wheel cap styles for your Tesla, whether it’s for your winter or summer rims, like the UberTurbine or Orbital hubcaps.

Moreover, there’s a variety of hub, bolt, and wheel covers available for Tesla vehicles without hubcaps.

How to remove Tesla hubcaps?

To take off the Aero Wheels, position yourself in front of the wheel, grab the hubcaps through the central holes, and pull them towards you. They are simply clipped in, no tools required.

This method applies across all electric vehicles – Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X.

The Aerowheels hubcaps fit all Tesla variants and battery types. All you need to know is your wheel size, and you can pick the perfect Aero hubcap, whether it’s 18, 19, or 20 inches.

Substituting your Tesla hubcaps with this new model retains your vehicle’s range due to their aerodynamically efficient design.

With these sleek Tesla hubcaps, the Tesla logo may not be present, but you can acquire it with a wheel bolt cap kit.

Remember to regularly check your tire pressure for your safety.

If you have any questions, a contact form is available at the bottom of this page.

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Aerowheels jante Tesla Model 3 18 pouces


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